Rapier vs Katana which is the best between both? Do you know?

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Disclaimer: Before speaking the comparison between Rapier vs Katana and proving which is the best, Let’s see some information about each. Also, the opinion of the Rapier vs Katana would vary for people to people and I do respect their choice and opinions.

Rapier is a type of a large, slender, sharp-pointed sword which is also called as Estoque.

This weapon or sword was mainly used during early modern Europe. Early modern Europe period is between the 16th and 17th centuries

Archaeologist applies the term Rapier to a bronze age sword

Katana is a traditional Japanese sword which was basically used by Samurai and Feudal Japan.

Japanese sword “Katana” is a specific term used to describe a family of swords. Katana is also called by different names like Dai or Diato.

Diato is the general term for the Japanese long swords. The fact is that both katanas and katana is the right term in English for the Japanese sword.

Best Between Rapier vs Katana

Katana is best compared to the Rapier because Katana is a war weapon whereas Rapier was not built for wars. katana is very sharp also very good for close battle and Rapier is built for thrusting attacks and only a few documents say they have been used in war but not sure.

Rapier vs Katana
Rapier vs Katana

How to describe a Rapier?

Rapier is generally referred to a long blade mounted onto a Hilt. The hilt is a protective cover on the handle usually it is of different size and shapes.

The term Rapier would be confusing, let me tell you why?

Archaeologist referred it to a Bronze age sword, few refers it to a hybrid weapon, other few referred it to as a Broad blade sword and so on.

Rapier is not designed for wars it is designed for quick and thrusting attacks. Basically, the sides of the rapier are not as sharp as that of the katana.

I do agree that both sides of Rapier can be sharpened whereas if in that case it would not full fill the moto for what it is built for. This would be a foolish statement but this is what should be considered when you compare between Rapier vs Katana.

Type of Rapiers:

  • 17th Century Italian Rapier.
  • Spanish Rapiers.
  • Brandenburg Rapier.
  • Deschaux Rapier.
  • Hungarian Saber Rapier.
  • Late Scottish Broadsword Rapier.
  • Mercenary Schiavona Half Basket-Hilt Rapier.
  • Munich Rapier.
  • Musketeer Rapier.

How to describe a Katana?

Katana is described as a large sword with a moderate curve. It is mainly known for its distinct appearance, it has a curved, long grip, Slender with the sharp-edged body.

You might probably not come across a Japanese sword know as Tachi. Katana is similar to Tachi with the same design. There is a reason to speak about Tachi.

About Tachi: It is a traditional Japanese sword basically used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. these Swords was made during the Kota period that is ranging from 900 to 1596.

It is a traditional Japanese sword basically used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. these Swords was made during the Kota period that is ranging from 900 to 1596.

You would probably know by now, how the Katana design came to existence after reading about the Tachi. To give you much more clarity, these changes occurred during the Mughal invasion of Japan. as Tachi was unable to cut the leather armor (leather armor is a difference shield of Mughals) and the blade used to tip off and Tachi was evolved and became the world famous sword called Katana

Specification between Rapier vs Katana

Smiley faceSmiley face
ProductionMuromachi period (1392–1573)around 1500
Mass1.1–1.3 kgavg. 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Blade Lengthapprox. 60–73 cm (​23–​28 in)avg. 104 cm (41 in)
Blade typeCurved, single-edgedsingle or double edged, straight blade
HiltNo Hiltcomplex, protective hilt
Namesdai or daitōespada ropera or estoque

History of Rapier

Is generally Rapier referred to the long blade which is thinner than her side sword and Thrusting capability. These Rapid really came into the picture during the 17th century

It is important to know about Spada da lato which is similar to an Espada Ropera. Before the Rapper word into the picture, Espada Ropera was in use.

If you wonder who coined the term Rapier. It was Germans People. Even though the origin of the Rapier is in Holy Roman empire this word was not used by Spanish, French or Italian they called it in different names like Espada, Espee or Epee or Spada.

It’s something like having multiple nicknames was the same person

To avoid this confusionTom Leone and John Clements characterized and defined these swords.

These are the well-known people of 16th and 17th century.

WHY AM I STRESSING ON Tom Leone and John Clements? because the entire article ie, “which is better between Rapier vs katana revolves around there statement.

This is what they defined. A sword with a poor ability for cutting is referred to as “Rapier”.

A sword with good thrusting and cutting ability as “Cut and Thrusting Sword”.

The Rapier was developed during 1500 in Spain and coined the term as Espada Ropera. It basically translation to “Dress sword”.

This became very famous and fashionable throughout Europe with wealthy classes. Some people like George silver disagreed its potential but is a famous weapon, and has made his mark in history.

Parts of Rapier

History of Katana

Katana came to an existing during the Kamakura period ie, around 1185 to1333. They referred this into a style of sword called uchigatana” and “tsubagatana”. These swords are of low-cost referring to a lower range Warriors. The Mongol invasion modernized the Tachi sword and this Katana seems to continue its journey even during the Muromachi period that is around 1337 to 1573

During the 1400 period, long swords similar to katana style Mai where made. There is a tradition in Japan where Mai is facing away from the wearer. When katana came into the existence with modification to Tachi it was facing the wrong direction. There are few documentation pictures shows some Samurai of those time used to you were it in a different manner.

There are multiple swords developed by Japan over the years, if you would like to know, check below else you can skip this.

  1. Jōkotō is an ancient sword used during the 900CE.
  2. Kotō is an old sword which was used around 900–1596.
  3. Shintō is a new sword used around the year 1596–1780.
  4. Shinshintō is also a newer sword basically used during the 1781–1876.
  5. Gendaitō is a modern sword developed and used during 1876–1945.
  6. Shinsakutō is a newly made swords developed in 1953 and still been used.

You might probably ask why katana became so famous?

The popularity of Katana raised among Samurai due to the close battle combats.

This is Sword facilitates the quick action for the attack. This became the well-suited sword of those periods because of all these factors Tachi was replaced with Katana. Samurai started wearing in there belts with sharp edges and ready to fight again enemy.

As the decades passed by the length of the Katana blade constantly changed, also the modifications to the blade not with the structured but with the material also changed. Katana was always accompanied by the small swords along with it, such as a wakizashi or Tanto.

Daisho The word given to a pair of small Dragon along with a Katana Sword. “Daisho” represents a higher grade in social power and personal honor.

Katana was used by samurai both in the battlefield as well as in martial arts. Even now there are Martial artists using Katana includes a variety of different swords like iaijutsu, battōjutsu, iaidō, kenjutsu, kendō, ninjutsu, and Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū.

Parts Of Katana


Conclusion Between Rapier VS Katana

You might disagree with the opinion and the fact I have put together with. It’s the one-way point of viewing, to define the best between Rapier vs Katana and you have complete right to define your own. I would feel people in this modern age they look at the damage capability of the sword rather than the look without sharpness.

Please comment below your opinion on Rapier vs katana. Thank you for reading.

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

Reference : Wikipedia

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