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Nessmuk knife

If you’re new to Nessmuk knife world you should probably know the history about the knife you’re going to fall in LOVE with.

History Of Nessmuk Knife

Nessmuk is a pen name of one of the great person of ’80s. His name is George Washington Sears.

George Washington is a writer off a popular magazine of 1880. The name of the magazine is Forest and stream Magzine.

This Magzine featured the canoeing camping adventures, technology, outdoor guide, technology guide, etc. This union of different topics like art, life technology in one place.

George Washington sears was an environmentalist who believed outdoors can give you more health benefits. As he was a writer he wrote a book of camping, outdoors, woodcrafts, etc to demonstrate that this outdoor camping is not just for stereotypical rugged humans but for all. He has also written books on poem and Forest runners.

George Washington Sears was born in December 2nd, 1821 at Oxford Plains as a 10th child to his parents.

Now you would ask me why did he use the pen name of “Nessmuk” There is a story behind it.

He had a friend who was a Narragansett Indian his name was “Nessmuk”. The is a meaning to the name to the name ie”wood drake”.

This is a person who changed the course of his life who taught him hunting, fishing, companies etc.he Often used his knowledge of hunting and fishing in the wildness of Michigan, but in the year 1848 his family moved to a new place wellbore, Penn. where he spent rest of his whole life.

During 1930 the magazine had changed its name from forest and stream to field and stream.

George Washington Nessmuk or Nessmuk has a passion for cutting tools. In fact, he had designed his own tools as an inspiration from a friend Nessmuk his design was completely like classic outdoorsmen type.

In fact, He liked the knife with keen edges and usable length. He also out poke the disfavour of Bowie knife and large knife design.

The origin of the Nessmuk knife is by for unknown but nowadays it has regained more popularity in the Knife community. Its design output the capability. It’s favouring sharp and deep belly makes it a perfect slicer

You would ask me if the origin of a Nessmuk is unknown, then how would you give credit to George Washington Seak

There is one single piece of evidence that is illustrated in Wood Craft which specifies the design by George Nessmuk.

As I previously mentioned all the tools used by George Washington was designed by himself, but we do not know where are the original tools nor its photographs. But there are documents about the tools that were made by the person named Bushnell in Rochester NY to Goerge Washington Sears.

People speculate that his knife was made using an old Hickory butcher’s knife whereas this is just speculation. If we have to illustrate the size of this knife based on the butcher’s knife then it would be around 9 inches in overall length with 5 inches blade.

Sad Part: George Washington sears Nessmuk got expired on May 1st 1890 at Wellesbourne Pem. He has received numerous Honours also there is a mountain in North Peninsula, which is named after him

It’s time to speak about the Nessmuk Knife specifications. let’s dive into it.

Let me tell you one thing very frankly, you never get an old same design Knife you would probably get a blade with the same design but not the handle because the handle was made up of real thing like horns of Deer, stag, bull etc, that specifically gives a tremendous look to the Nessmuk knife.

Nessmuk Knife specifications

Before I speak about the specifications Know this, Nessmuk Knife Model that is available in the market with wood handle and Leather sheet is produced by a company called Condor which was established in 1787

Blade: Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is one of the very old materials that was booming until the stainless steel came into market carbon steel are very strong then stainless steel. Outdoor people prefer carbon steel over stainless steel because of which precise cut and durability. stainless steel has one big advantage over carbon steel and they don’t get rusted. if you want to read about carbon steel vs stainless steel click here

Handle: Hardwood

we all know that wooden handles are the best handles out in the market but I don’t deny the fact the artificial materials are booming. one good example who just sold over 1 million wooden handles knife was Opinel Knives. They are the pioneers of the wooden handle, I think this Knife has an extra advantage of having the wooden handle

Sheath: 100% leather

This is a pure leather cover that comes with the Nessmuk knife, the advantages of pure leather are that It stays for decades without even tearing out. Most Knifelovers would prefer leather sheath

Nessmuk KnifeNessmuk Knife
Blade Material 1075 HIGH CARBON STEEL
Blade Finish Blasted Satin
Handle Hardwood
Shealthleather 100%
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches
Overall weigth 8.82 pounds
View at

Performance of Nessmuk Knife:

Knife sharpness:

The knife comes with a fairly sharp thickness with a rough edge. 2 minutes of filing can change the course of the sharpness. It can pretty much-cut anything from faro to batoning wood. 1075 Steel favours the filing and can give you razor-sharp blade, also have very good edge retention.

It’s good to oil and maintains your Nessmuk Knife as a practice, 1075 Steel has a tendency of retaining moisture which would rust gradually.

Kitchen work:

It’s a very pleasant Knife for food preparation because of its blade design it gives a good grip on cutting things and the handle favours the design of the blade for accuracy.

The handle shape and the wide blade give the joy in cuttings of things in the kitchen. The handles grip posture is something the added advantage for using in the kitchen.


I think this would not favour the wood carving as the width of The Blade is wider, whereas it can make your task easy by cutting any wood seamlessly

As I have already told the weight of the blade tip is favoured by the handle design. we all know the balance blade with a perfect handle and the sharpness can do much more damage than anything. It is a really awesome custom design made by George Washington sears. if you ask ok me one such other Knife to compared with I would go with Opinel knives.

That is one of the low rated, extraordinary quality, high-performance Knife of all time, you can read about this here.

Outdoor activist:

I really don’t think I have to explain more on this because you already know the capability of the knife. You use it once and you will fall in love for all time. This can be a best friend to outdoor enthusiasts. There is a lot more we can speak about this Knife.

Conclusion on Nessmuk Knife

Until I wrote this article my personal favourite nice was Gabbar 31 but now I am in love with the Nessmuk Knife design. It so obvious that people will fall in love once use this ( being positive) with just 55 dollars you can own your classic of all time. Try it 🙂

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

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