Nessmuk Knife vs Kephart Knife which is best in 2019?

nessmuk vs kephart

Nessmuk knife vs Kephart Knife is just the comparison article, these knives have their own history and fan base. Both as an incredible design of history done by iconic people.

Nessmuk knife is designed by George Washington Sears whose pen name is Nessmuk, which later became the Nessmuk Knife.

Kephart Knife is designed by Horace Kephart, who is the author of “South highlanders” and classics a guide for outdoors called “camping and woodcraft”.

Nessmuk Knife vs Kephart Knife which is best?

Nessmuk knife would outrank the Kephart knife because of the knife design, Its a very best looking design for the knife. But when it comes to performance both stand on the top, As there are capable of doing the task at there best. Its time for you to decide the best.

nessmuk knife vs kephart knife

If you wish to read about these history-makers, here are the articles George Washington Sears Nessmuk and Horace Kephart.

we have made an in-depth comparison of each element in the knife that could help you to decide the best that in coming to your house.

Ok, let’s dive into it.

Nessmuk Blade Vs Kephart Blade

Nessmuk KnifeKephart knife
Carbon SteelCarbon Steel
1075 High Carbon Steel1095 Crow Van Carbon Steel
Blade Length : 3.50 InchesBlade Length : 5.12 inches
Blade Width : 1.50 inchesBlade Width : 1.18 inches
Blade Thickness : 0.18 inchesBlade Thickness : 0.15 inches

Nessmuk blade

Nessmuk blade is made up of Carbon Steel, we all know this is one of the strongest blade material available.

Nessmuk Knife uses 1075 Carbon Steel material. This material uses the highest carbon for the fully hardened condition, at this point, the Steel material will be the brittle than lower condition.

One good example would be Spring and cutting tool where 1075 high carbon steel material is used.

Blade length of a Nessmuk knife is 3.50 inches, This is a pretty fair size and the width of a Knife is 1.50 inches. The thickness of a blade is 0.18 inches with this dimension and build quality it can outperform most of his competitors.

Kephart Blade

Kephart knife is made up of Carbon Steel, one main factor to consider is that this Carbon Steel material retains moisture, which can result in rusting. Oiling would be the best practice to keep the blade out of corrosion.

Kephart knife uses 1095 carbon steel there is no much difference between 1075 metal whereas it has an added chromium and vanadium, which can resist corrosion for much longer extent, basically the increase in the stability of the material.

Blade length of Kephart knife is 5.12 inches Pretty much longer than Nessmuk Knife. The Blade length of 1.18 inches and the thickness of 0.15 inches and this knife has as a normally built dimension like of most of the other Knives.

Nessmuk Handle VS Kephart Handle

Nessmuk HandleKephart Handle
Handle : HardwoodHandle : Hardwood
Finger Guard : YesFinger Guard : No
Shape : Ovel ShapeShape : Oval cross-section

Nessmuk Knife

Nessmuk Knife handle is made up of hardwood, but there is no specific wood material mentioned like Opinel knife handle, Having the wood handle gives a good grip and firmness in handling knives.

The added advantage in Nessmuk Knife is that it has a finger guard in the neck of a handle. This pretty much saves your fingers by unexpected cuts and gives a firm to the fist.

The shape of the Nessmuk handle is oval. The oven shape is pretty much used in all wooden handle knife, These plastic or metal handles use different shapes for the gripes.

Kephart handle

Kephart handle is also made up of hardwood, even Kephart has not specified the type of food they have been using. Kephart handle does not have a finger guard, People do say that the Knife without a finger guard is a bit dangerous. if you are not cautious enough you mind hurt your fingers but I don’t think it’s a big disadvantage, because the length of the handle is pretty big to keep you out of danger.

Even Kephart knife as oval cross-section handle.

Nessmuk Sheath Vs Kephart Sheath

Nessmuk sheathKephart Sheath
Sheath Avaialble : YesSheath Avaialble : Yes
Material : Brown LeatherMaterial : Brown Leather
Sheath belt Clip : NoSheath belt Clip : No

Nessmuk Sheath

Nessmuk Knife uses a brown leather, Company defines it be the 100% pure leather material but there is no exact reference for which type of leather materials.

Kephart Sheath

Kephart Sheath also uses brown leather, there is no difference in the material used by both the companies. Both don’t have a clip to tuck with the belt or anything.

The added advantage of having pure leather is that the quality of the sheet remains constant for decades. You really don’t need to worry about tearing off or anything. Pure letters are best-known materials for Sheath from ages

Performance of Nessmuk and Kephart knives

Nessmuk performance:

Nessmuk knife is nowhere less to any Knife that’s been ever designed. Also, the design is so iconic that fits for any work you prefer in outdoor or indoor activities.

George Washington Nessmuk was an outdoor enthusiast also a great Hunter, being expert in the outdoor and knowing what is the basic requirement in a knife is a more valuable asset. With so much of experience and the urge to have their own design has created a fabulous model that can do any task you probably imagine

Nessmuk knife is popularly known for carving, cutting, hunting, fishing etc I have list all the performances of this knife in the Nessmuk Knife documentary article.

Kephart Performance:

Kephart was an inspirational personality and the man behind the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

You would probably wonder, why I speak about the history of a person when I speak about the performance of the Knife.

I think history is a must when you speak about bowie, Nessmuk and Kephart Knives, these are not just Knives, these are incredible Creations without a modern architecture knowledge and tools.

Kephart knife is nowhere less to Nessmuk knife even though the design of a Knife is very simple, it can pretty much outrank any modern Knives. these Knives are always loved by outdoor enthusiast and survivalist.

The durability of Nessmuk and Kephart Knife

when I speak about durability I think I can put both in the same table because both the Knife blades are made up of Carbon Steel both Handles are hardwood also both have oval cross-section handle design pretty much all are same.

As the Blade is of Carbon Steel, it has a factor of attracting the corrosion. With the little care like oiling or soaking with a mild acid, you can keep rust out of the knife. The carbon steel is very strong material, they are known for their hardness and precise cut. Also, they can stay much longer than any of the Other materials.

Coming to wooden handle you don’t worry about the durability of wooden handles. wooden handles can stay very long if it’s frequently been used, there is no such thing called maintenance for these handles like that of the Carbon Steel.

Conclusion Nessmuk knife Vs Kephart Knife

I personally love both the Knives, if you ask me to pick one! I think I might go with Nessmuk knife. The design is so attractive, that you will fall in love with it. The feels of having this knife in the hand are incredible because of its bulged belly and oval cross-section handle, Kephart knife is nowhere less even though it has a simple design, it gives this same feeling on the hand it’s all up to you to decide the winner that is coming to your house for outdoor vacation.


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