Delaware knife laws

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Delaware Overview

Before speaking about the Delaware knife laws in-depth. Let’s know a bit about Delaware. Skip>>

Delaware is a southern region state of US.

The state is named after Virginia’s first colonial governor Thomas west, 3rd De La Warr.

Delaware is 1 of the 13 colonies which participating in the American Revolution.

Delaware is The First state to be the part of constitution of the united states.

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Every state has its own knife laws in the united states and Delaware as no exceptions. These laws keep on changing as time passes by.

These laws are the framework of the rules made to keep the public on the safety zone.

Delaware as the legal and illegal knife defined in the laws, Check it out before buying one.

Table of Content

1.What is Legal in Delaware knife laws
2. What is illegal in Delaware knife laws
3. Delaware knife laws overview
4. Knife length limitations according to Delaware knife law
5. Sections governing the Delaware Knife laws
6. Conclusion on Delaware Knife laws

delaware knife laws
delaware knife laws

What is Legal in Delaware knife laws

  • Butterfly knives or the balisong knife fall under the legal zone.
  • Bowie knife or the large knife is legal.
  • Disguised knives ( belt knives, lipstick knives, cane knives )also considered as legal.
  • Throwing knives fall under the legal parameters.
  • Daggers are legal
  • Stilettos and dinks also considered as legal.

What is illegal in Delaware knife laws

  • Knives which are detected by the metal detectors and have a pointed tip on the blade are illegal.
  • Throwing stars are considered as illegal.
  • Gravity knives or the switchable blades fall off the legal zone.
  • Knives having a brass handle or the brass knuckles are illegal.

Delaware knife laws overview

Delaware as a friendly knife laws like most other knife laws.

One unique thing about the Delaware knife laws is that!! this is the only knife laws which defines, “the knife is considered to be illegal if the knife is detected by the metal detector and have a pointed tip”

Delaware has a restriction on the size of the knife. Will discuss this in depth in the below section.

Knife length limitations according to Delaware knife law

It is restricted to carry a pocket knife concealed having the blade more than 3 inches.

Any restricted pocket knives of 3 inch and smaller carrying concealed would be illegal.

Sections governing the Delaware Knife laws

Sections: 11 Del. C. § 1442 (2012)

The person would be subjected to justice if he carries the concealed deadly weapon with him or about the person without a license as provided by “Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency
§ 1442″.

Class G: carrying a concealed deadly weapon is considered as the class G felony.
Class D: If the deadly weapon is the firearm then it is a class D felony.

The person would have defense value, If the defendant has been issued a valid license to carry or own a concealed deadly weapons, under the following circumstances.

The sections that will be governing the Title 11 will be as follows:

(1) Section 1442. — Carrying a concealed deadly weapon would be a class G and class D felony.

(2) Section 1444. — Having or possessing a destructive weapon is considered as a class E felony.

(3) Section 1446. — Deading or smuggling restricted knives like switchblade knife; unclassified misdemeanor.

(4) Section 1448. — purchase and Possession of deadly weapons by persons prohibited is considered as the class F felony.

(5) Section 1452. — class B misdemeanor; Unlawfully dealing with a knuckles-combination knife.

(6) Section 1453. — class B misdemeanor; Unlawfully dealing with martial arts throwing star.

Section : § 222(5) or (12) of this Title 

This section § 222(5) or (12) describes the deadly weapons, which is considered deadly under the Delaware laws.

It is illegal to possess a deadly weapon or the restricted weapon in school premises or the recreation zones.

(1) If the hidden offense is a class B misdemeanor, the crime shall be a class A crime

(2) If the hidden offense is an unclassified crime, the crime shall be a class B misdemeanor

(3) If the hidden offense is a class E, F, or G felony, the crime shall be one grade higher than the underlying offense.

(4) If the hidden offense is a class D felony, the crime shall also be a class D felony.

Crimes and Criminal Procedure

Delaware Criminal Code
Subchapter VII. Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency

This is the collection of all the section that fall under the Delaware crimes and criminal procedure codes.

§ 1301§ 1302§ 1303§ 1304§§ 1305§ 1311§ 1312§ 1312A§ 1313§ 1314§ 1315§ 1316§§ 1317§ 1320§ 1321§ 1322§ 1323§ 1324§ 1325§ 1325A§ 1326§ 1327§§ 1328§ 1330§ 1331§ 1332§ 1333§ 1334§ 1335§ 1336§ 1337§ 1338§ 1339§ 1340§ 1341§ 1342§ 1343§ 1344§ 1345§§ 1346§ 1351§ 1352§ 1353§ 1354§ 1355§ 1356§§ 1357§ 1361§ 1362§ 1363§ 1364§ 1365§ 1366§ 1367§ 1368§§ 1369§ 1401§ 1402§ 1403§ 1404§ 1405§ 1406§ 1407§ 1408§ 1408A§ 1409§ 1410§ 1411§ 1412§ 1413§§ 1414§ 1421§ 1422§ 1423§ 1424§ 1425§ 1426§ 1427§ 1428§§ 1429§ 1431§ 1432§§ 1433§ 1441§ 1441A§ 1441B§ 1442§ 1443§ 1444§ 1445§ 1446§ 1446A§ 1447§ 1447A§ 1448§ 1448A§ 1448B§ 1448C§ 1449§ 1450§ 1451§ 1452§ 1453§ 1454§ 1455§ 1456§ 1457§ 1458§ 1459§ 1460§ 1461§§ 1462§ 1470§ 1471§ 1472§ 1473§ 1474

Conclusion on Delaware Knife laws

The knife is considered as one of the safety tools, as we all know different countries as the different restrictions on different kind of knives.

Whereas in the US ever state as different knife laws, Delaware is one such states, and it as its own Delaware knife laws. But, it as a friendly knife law.

It doesn’t majorly restrict any of the knives unless it is under deadly weapons.

It as a major restriction on the concealed knives for the safety of the public.

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