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Colorado Overview

Colorado is the western state of US. The state was named after the Colorado River and the state capital is Denver

Colorado as a nick name called Centennial state. It is also known for its vivid landscape of mountains, forests, rivers, and desert lands.

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Colorado sword laws

There is no specific law called “Colorado sword laws” which states if the Swords are legal or illegal.

Whereas the Knife blade over 3.5 inches in length is considered to be illegal as per Colorado knife laws.

Colorado Knife laws 18-12-102 even restrict Ballistic knives and other Dangerous Weapons.

Dangerous weapons includes a list like:

An individual who intentionally has a dangerous weapon submits a class 5 lawful offense.

Each infringement of this subsection by a similar individual will be a class 4 crime.

An individual who purposely has an unlawful weapon submits a class 1 crime.

Colorado Restricted sword (Ex)

Disclaimer: These are just some of the swords for example and these swords are not explicitly defined in any lawsuit of Colorado.

Colorado sword Length

There is no such thing as exceptions when it comes to Swords Because Sword are always over 3.5 inches.

As defined previous all the knives over 3.5 inches are illegal and they are not allowed to carry openly.

Conclusion on Colorado sword laws

Any laws in Colorado doesn’t permit you to carry any type of swords in public.


Technically yes, Because of the is size.


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5 Replies to “Colorado sword laws”

  1. Colorado only bans CONCEALED blades longer than 3.5″
    Worn outside, in scabbard, etc is totally legal. Fyi.
    Feel free to google the law, there are 2 relevant statutes in CO.
    One to define illegal knives like switchblades, one to define concealed carry over 3.5″ as illegal.

    1. Shubin Changappa A K says: Reply

      Hi Jon,
      According to the 2016 Colorado Revised Statutes
      Title 18 – Criminal Code
      Article 12 – Offenses Relating to Firearms and Weapons
      Part 1 – Firearms and Weapons – General
      § 18-12-102. Possessing a dangerous or illegal weapon – affirmative defense including the gravity and switchblades are illegal.

      You can

    1. Shubin Changappa A K says: Reply

      Thank you so much ☮

  2. Nl3oFQ Major thankies for the article.Much thanks again. Want more.

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