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Thinking of a knife as ‘Legendary’ is probably not something that you do very often. But in the knife world, there are certain knives that are considered ‘Legendary”. The Gerber Knife is most definitely given that honour.

Gerber Knife History

Gerber knives founder, Pete Gerber, was honoured in 1985 by Blade Magazine for his contributions as was mentioned in a previous post.

Since its beginnings, Gerber knives have been designed by the best designers in the knife industry, including Fred Carter, Bob Loveless, William Harsey Jr., Rick Hinderer, and Blackie Collins, to name a few. This is the main reason that the company has been in business for so many decades. In fact, quite a few Gerber knives have been passed from parent to child. My father gave me my first Gerber knife when I was a teenager and I have since given it to my son who will no doubt give it to one of his sons. A Gerber Knife is a family tradition for us.

Gerber knives are typically utilized for a number of different purposes, including hunting and outdoor activities as well as for multi-purpose uses. This makes them ideal for the recreational sportsman or the professional military individual. As one might suspect, the typical Gerber blade is second-to-none and comes with a money-back guarantee, something that isn’t found on cheaper types of knives.

The Gerber Knife Company is well known throughout the industry for their innovative contributions to knife technology. Their locking units, handle styles and material compositions are always at the forefront of “what’s new” in the industry. And the company listens to its customers who are often an excellent source of inspiration.

Gerber knives are designed and made for all budgets. And regardless of the budget, the customer is getting a quality knife, one that will last for many years.

which is the best Gerber knife to Buy?

Confused about which style of Gerber knife to purchase?

The first question is, what are you going to use your knife for? That will narrow down your choices. Are you a hunter? A camper? Do you just need a knife or two in your toolbox or for your emergency kit in the car? Maybe just a small knife to carry in your pocket? Do you want a folding or fixed blade? How big of a knife do you need? All these questions will help determine what knife you need. Which might be different than the knife you REALLY want!!

And of course, there is always the price. As I said earlier, all Gerber knives are offered at different price points. You can spend $15 or $20 to $100s for a Gerber knife, and each one will be of excellent quality. Which one you want is based on your needs as well as from the place you buy Gerber knife.

So are Gerber knives Legendary? In my opinion yes they are! Navy Seals think so!

Best Gerber knives 2019 Models

Gerber Guardian A boot knife Designed by Bob Loveless
Gerber Mark IIA fighting knife
Gerber multitoolAs a name suggests its a multitool knife
Gerber Blackie CollinsClip-lock Diving Knife
LMF II ASEK,A Aircrew Survival knife
Gerber GatorA lockback knife
Gerber/Emerson AllianceThe first automatic knife by Gerber

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Examples of innovative designs by The Gerber Knife Company are the “bolt action” locking system designed by Blackie Collins, the unique front opening action of the Gerber Multitools, and the push-button locking Paul knives by Paul Poehlmann. Also unusual are Gerber’s niche market products, such as The Clip-it diving knives are an example of Gerber’s focus on small markets as well as large ones.

Gerber has been an innovator in its field by leading the market in using new technologies, and materials normally found in custom made or premium brand knives, such as light but tough injection-moulded Zytel handles, Kraton rubber on handles for enhanced grip, ATS 34 and AUS 8 high carbon stainless steels (widely considered far better than the standard 440 series more commonly used), and titanium nitride coatings. The Gerber line also includes tools, lights, accessories, packs, and hydration products.

For his work and Gerber’s impact on the cutlery industry, Pete Gerber was inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame at the 1985 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Best Gerber Tactical Hunting knives

As the Hunting season is also near I like to suggest few of the Gerber knife

We all know that the quality of the knife is what the hunters look for. And Gerber fits right into it. With over 6 decades of experience, Gerber is one among words top in producing the cutting edge innovations in the hutting knives.

The Firestorm: (Best Gerber folding knives)

The Firestorm: Gerber firestorm is a one-hand open knife with a surgical stainless steel tanto blade style standing up to 3.5 inches. The finger guards present in the knifer provides extra safety while opening.

It had a very strong grip with the polycarbonate scale textured on to the handle. The clip made up of stainless steel give even more easy access

Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath

Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath: This is a very special knife designed by Bill Harsey hence the name Harsey blade.

It as rubber handle, it’s a non-slippy rubber handle with a stainless steel blade. It as a drop point shape.

A sheath as 2 options available, 1 is classic leather and another is a retention sheath.

It as a very razer shape blade that stands up to 4 1/4 inches and 400 series tang surgical stainless steel blade, these all features makes it one of the best choices for the hunters.

Magnum Camo Jr

Magnum Camo Jr.: This a folding knife which is included in the LST hunting series, A scaled-down magnum.

As they are blendable they are pretty much a pocket knife. This as 2 awesome features I like It is very light and very strong for hunting.

It is an upgraded version of the Gerber Knives LST series. It as very strong steel of 420HC and an edge of 2 3/4.

Very awesome and eye-catchy handle its a fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic unbreakable handle with Mossy Oak Brand camouflage finish, it stands up to 6.19 inches.

Freeman Hunter: (Best Gerber multi-tool)

Freeman Hunter: It is one of the premium design and well know knives in the knife community. It as a wooden handle highly polished which enhances the quality of the equipment.

This makes your lighter and smaller games very easy. U know what is mean. its a well-crafted blade with premium-grade stainless steel. This is a legendary model of Greber’s legendary blades.

It comes in a ballistic nylon sheath with a full length of 8.35″.

Shubin Author
Author: Shubin

My Conclusion on Gerber Knives

Gerber Knives are the immense crafted tools for all type of situations, There are multiple companies that produce difference knives but I personally felt very much satisfied using Gerber products. they give so much satisfaction on the feel and perfection on using. There are various knives produced by Gerber, But before you buy, ask yourself a question? what is the main reason you’re buying the knife? This can narrow down your knife selection and gets your hand on to the best Gerber knife your looking for.

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

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