What is the best knife to bring to a gunfight?

Knife vs gun

To be Frank old saying is fairly true “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” what is that really mean? knowing that assailant has a gun and your best way to show up is with the gun. In the 21st century.

The best knife to bring for the gunfight is the one you feel comfortable carrying, the one you know how to use and which as a strong lethal ability. Most people do argue to the core stating the best knife for the combat are the ones which as the plane edge and non-serrated blades, But many have there own opinion lets look into it.

If the person is of great height and hooped up on PCP then the recommendation would be Grosse Messer. It a real combat knife which is of 2 feet long. with this knife, you can easily cut the man into half. There are multiple knives which are of a similar kind, size, share but we would not be able to say which is best for the situation your in. also, there are knife better the Grosse Messer, I do agree with that. If you know any, Please comment below.

Basically, the person using the knife, all he cares about if he is harmed or dead. Different knifes suits for the different situation there are knives like Bowie knives, Khukris. Kukris are more than enough to kill a person in a 1 blow where are people usually like Bowie knife over Khukris because of the thrusting point.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not comparing the knife to know which is wrong or right or good or bad. I just came across those two blades. Both have their own demand and values in the market.

Some of the examples from the different source for the Best knife to bring to a gunfight.

1. Ballistic knife

2. Bowie knife

3. Kukri knife

4. Dart knife

5. Punch dagger

6. NRS-2 ScoutFiring Knife

Etc, the list goes from 100’s to 1000’s, Let me know your favorite knife for the fight in the comment below.

Now the Question Arieses!!!!

What is the reason to bring a knife to a gunfight?

As I previously told defined, the knife cannot be the first line of choice in the 21st century whereas I don’t deny the fact that knife is very much deadly and it can be more dangerous than a gun in most of the situations.

Let me give you the few reasons why the knife is more dangerous than Gun

1. Knives Are very dangerous weapon.

The Prove it right let’s consider the fact, According to the FBI fatality stats that 30% of the attack with the knife has resulted in the death.

2. Knives do not have a line of fire as that of a gun.

Both Knife and guns are lethal weapons that can harm and kill you, whereas a gun can kill you only if your hit by a bullet, There is more chance of missing a bullet.

But knives with the close range do not have a line of strike it can do lethal damage from any angle and has a very little chance of missing.

3. There is no fear of running out of ammo.

As we all know guns give you around 6 rounds of fire, It would be 15 rounds on the high-end guns considering the fact, it should be reloaded once the 6 rounds are completed. whereas knife has no such limitations, Knife doesn’t run out of metal, You can stab 2 to 3 times in a single second.

4. You do not need a special skill to use a knife

We are used to knife from a very small age using a knife is being a part of everyone’s life

whereas to be an expert in a gun it takes time and we do agree with the fact that anyone can fire !! whereas being in a line of attack takes a practice

5. A knife doesn’t have a warning call

we might have come across the situations of a gunfight ( very very less) and Knife fight at least we would have seen a Video. Knife victims do say that they were not aware of the attack until it was launched. under a real fight situation, you would not even feel that you are stabbed.

Is it ever a good idea to bring a knife to a gunfight?

Knowing the opponent, his gun, situation and going for a fight is beyond imagination

Every fight would not start with the invitation, A fight without invitation can favor the person with a knife because knife leaves no alert on the attack.

Gun as to be loaded, reloaded if its ammo is empty, we know that 21st -century guns are all automatic, and designed to cause more damage.

It’s all up to the people to decide if you would be a great fighter with a knife or to become an American sniper

To answer the question “Is it a good idea to get a knife to a gunfight” this can only be answered by the situation he is in and his grip on the knife.

Example of a war that brought a knife to a gunfight?

1. Battle of Kircholm.

2. The Italian ARMIR (1942–1943).

3. The Vietnamese against the French and the Americans 1954–1973.

4. Second Schleswig War – Denmark against Prussia.

5. Battle of Busta Gallorum (July 1552).

6. Battle Of Lepanto, 1571.

7. Mexico’s war with the United States over the Texas Border.

8. Battle of Omdurman.

9. Battle of Tsushima.

10. Anglo-Zanzibar War.

You can read complete details of all the wars mentioned above in the link: Quora.com

Conclusion on bringing a knife to the gunfight.

If you want to go for a fight with a knife make sure everything favors you, make sure you know your knife well. This situation knife against a gun rarely happens.

we can write 100 lines to describe how to use the knife, or which is the best knife for the combat but you can’t script the situation, it all happens instantly

we all know, we do have a high restriction on guns and knife, there are certain laws governing the usage of the knife in different states. This article is just a debate on the “what is the best knife to bring to a gunfight” anything you do is of your own risk “Be safe play Safe”


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