Balisong knife kit – Important information to know about

Balisong knife Cover

Balisong knife kit consists of below-mentioned parts

  1. Spring
  2. Adjustable Latch
  3. Bearing washers
  4. Sex Bolt or Pivate
  5. Tang Pins
  6. Blade
  7. Scale
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To install the parts together you would need basic tools like

  1. Hexa key
  2. Hammer
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Cloth
  5. Thread Lock – high strength
  6. Clamp
Balisong tools

Basic steps involved in assembling the balisong knife kit

  1. Inserting the pins
  2. Instaling the blade
  3. Fixing the spring latch
  4. Adjust tension and threshold

1. Inserting the pins

Pins should be inserted into the blades in the first place

To insert the pin, use C clamp, and the hammer.

Now clamp the blade and the C clamp on to the table, insert the pin on to the blade in the reverse order and hammer it hard

Use the cloth to place over the blade as it will be sharp and it might hurt you while hammering.

Once both the pin are insured properly, remove the c clamp from the table.

2. Instaling the blade

This step in import to do immediately after putting the pins on to the blade.

Installing the blade is a bit difficult part

Kindly be informed that the safety handle will not have the lock-in.

Follow these steps:

  1. First, screw the bottom part of the handle
  2. Place 1 ball bearing ring over it
  3. Next place the Pivate over it
  4. Place another ball bearing ring on top of the pivate
  5. Now place the Balisong knives handle

Now adjust the tension of the knife

3. Fixing the spring latch

Latch the first end of the spring to the spring lock

Place the other end of the spring over the spacer in the handle

Using the hexa key tight it up

Now lock the spring lock using the screw provided in the kit.

Now the spring lock is good to go.

4. Adjust tension and threshold of your knife

I hope now you have installed all the parts of the blade together

Now its time to adjust the tension of the blades for your preference

Remove the screws of the bladed (2nd step) using a hexa key.

After removing the screw, put a little glue on the screws and tighten it for your preference

Do that to all the screws in the blade.

Congratulations you have your Balisong knife ready.


I hope this helped, if there is any confusion on the step mentioned above, please refer to the video posted below.

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