Cracking The Aircrew Survival Egress Knife Code- ASEK 2 Review


This new generation ASEK combines S & E functions into one knife-and-tool with a very flat, sturdy and compact design, good balance, lightweight and ready for the toughest fieldwork.

The ASEK is compatible with the Air Warrior System, fitting on the individual air-crew member and accessible and operable with one hand.

Provided the user follows the instructions as to dry and non-oily conditions the ASEK is electrically insulated up to 1,000 Volts, temperature resistant between -40ºF (-40ºC) and +176ºF (+80ºC), fungus-resistant, NBC-resistant and decontaminate.

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Technical Data of ASEK 2

Main blade materialstainless steel
Material other metal partsstainless steel
Plastic partsglass fiber reinforced plastic
Textile partsCordura and Nylon
Blade Length5 5/16″/135mm
Overall weight ASEK16.58 oz. (470 grams)
Weight of ASEK tool7.41 oz. (210 grams)
Weight of ASEK sheath9.17 oz. (260 grams)
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Knife Functions of ASEK 2

  • Ergonomic, insulated handle
  • Bowie knife shape in the front main blade
  • Back part of the main blade serrated (cuts ropes and small branches)
  • Seat-belt cutter blade
  • Saw for laminated glass, plexiglass, aluminium sheets, wood
  • 2 holes in the handle of cross-guard (for use of ASEK as a spear)
  • Window puncher
  • Lanyard (to tighten on the leg or detached to build a shelter)

Scabbard Functions of ASEK 2

  • A skinning tool with an attached screwdriver (flat tip)
  • Awl (for denoting or use as a tent peg)
  • Diamond resharpening tool (to sharpen the blade or use a light hammer while inside pocket.
  • Special Cordura sheath with 2 wearing options:
    • 2 flaps in order to secure the knife to the wearer’s leg
    • loop to wear ASEK on a belt
  • A knife is held securely by spring inside the scabbard

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Liability of ASEK 2

The company says they are not liable under any circumstances for any incidental, reliance or consequential damage to person(s) or property. The ASEK is sharp: Use with caution and keep it out of reach of children.

Warning and conclusion on ASEK 2

When you cut electrical wires remember that the ASEK is only insulated up to 1,000 Volts, provided the user follows instructions as to dry and non-oily conditions.

In the event of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) attacks, immediately follow the instructed decontamination procedures.

The tool saw is designed for cutting through laminated glass, plexiglass, wood and in emergencies, light sheet metal. It is NOT designed for cutting iron or steel.

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