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Symbol of Passage
Folding Pocket knives - they are a symbol of passage.  Traditionally these folding knives have been given by fathers to sons as a sign of a parents trust and the pocket knife signaled to a young boy that he was growing up.  Remember the thrill of being allowed to use your father's pocket knife?  Yes, there are those of us who are old enough to remember sitting with grandfather and using folding knives to carve wood, learning the proper ways to use a knife and how to keep a folding knife sharp.  At PocketKnivesMall.com we offer the same traditional style knives your father and his father used.

As with everything in life, the pocket knife has evolved.  The term pocket knife now is applied to Survival, Rescue, and Tactical pocket knives as well as Traditional pocket knives which include Single blade2 blade, 3 blade and 4+ blade pocket knives.  At PocketKnivesMall we offer all these styles of folding knives.  We hold on to the history of the pocket knife and embrace their evolution.

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PocketKnivesMall - Our Commitment To You

PocketKnivesMall is committed to bringing you the largest selection of high quality, affordable folding knives.  Whether you are looking for a traditional pocket knife or one of the modern pocket knives you will find the folding knife you want here at PocketKnivesMall.

We love hunting and camping and the outdoors.  The folding knife fits naturally into our hobbies.  We come from a military and law enforcement background so we know the value of a quality knife.  So we offer Rescue and tactical pocket knives.  We also know that the style of folding knife you like is personal to you and you alone.  That is why we offer brands like Boker, Buck, Case, Uncle Henry, and Old Timer.  Pocket knives with Ceramic Blades, handles of Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and more.  You will find Collectible Folding knives, pocket knife specials, and High End folding knives.  With all the brands, handle styles and blade configurations we offer at PocketKnivesMall.com we are confident you will find the exact pocket knife you are looking for. 

Whether you are shopping for a pocket knife to start a family tradition, for everyday use, or a pocket knife for more specialized tactical, survial or rescue needs PocketKnivesMall has the folding knives you need.  We are confident that as you shop our site you will be pleased with the brands, quality, selection and prices you find. 

If you are looking for a specific brand or style of folding knife and can't find it on our site, please CONTACT US.  We have over 100 brands of knives available and work with warehouses across the country.  Chances are we have the folding knife you want and can get those pocket knives delivered right to your door.

Featured Folding Pocket Knives
Uncle Henry Pocket Knives - J.R.

Uncle Henry Pocket Knives - J.R.

Uncle Henry Pocket Knives - J.R.
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Uncle Henry J.R. pocket knives - The J.R. or JR pocket knives by Uncle Henry are a three blade pocket knife that features 1.9 inch stainless steel Clip, Sheepfoot and pen blades, Staglon handle, a 4.7 inch overall length and limited lifetime warranty.

Overall Length (inches): 4.70
Blade Length (inches): 1.90
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Detail: Clip, Sheepfoot, Pen
Handle Material: Staglon
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Interesting Fact

Interesting Pocket Knife Search Facts

We found out some interesting facts about how people search for these incredible useful folding knives on the Internet.  Of course the most popular search term is Pocket Knives.  After that the most popular search term is Folding Pocket Knives followed by Knives Pocket Knives and Pocket Knifes.  If you used any of these search terms to find us, you are in good company.  Thank you for visiting PocketKnivesMall, please stay awhile and browse.

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